Sol Levante

The Sol Levante collection is the first collection I’ve put together since I picked up pottery. The inspiration comes from my obsession with Japan and the sun. Did you know that, in Italian, Japan is also called ‘The Land of the Rising Sun’ aka ‘Il Paese del Sol Levante’?

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I’ve been to Japan a couple of times and have been fascinated with the land of the samurai since I was little. After travelling there I became enthralled with the beauty of Japanese aesthetics and its simplicity. This is where the simple shapes and the use of colours in my pieces comes from. I feel comfortable with structured and balanced designs, with simple lines and shapes, almost minimalist. I designed, cut and used stencils for all the shapes that adorn the Sol Levante collection. The circle is actually the same one used for the AVA logo, but sized to fit each piece. Also, I have an obsession with odd numbers so you will probably not find any piece which has an even number of shapes on it. If you do, then oops!, my OCD will not be very happy:). 

Sunrises and sunsets are such emotional moments of the day for me. While I don’t catch that many sunrises because, let’s face it, it’s too early in the morning and I’d rather be in the land of dreams at that time, I try to experience as many sunsets as possible. For me, they are all vibrant, they are the perfect supraposition of colours and emotions, a mix of the ordinary and the unexpected, all happening at the same time. I have tried to capture that by combining different glazes (various textures and colours), applying colour in layers and by freehand and making each piece different from one another. 

The Sol Levante collection is made up of three types of vessels: maxi mugs, medium size = midi mugs and cups and mini cups.

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